Electronic commerce is the buying and selling of products and sales services or transmitting a fund or data over an electric network. This kind of business is mostly based on the online transactions without physical contacts of the buyer and the seller. Movement of one from one shop to another looking for goods and services is not necessary given the recent technological development. E-commerce has enable business transaction over the internet become more easily and convenient. The potential customers get to see the products on the business’s website and the make an online order and payment before they get the products.
E-commerce have got many forms of performing business-to-customers transactions. They occur either as business to business where one type of business transact with another type of the business of the same kind or of a different kind. Business to customers is also another form where business is transacted between the business and the final consumers of the product. Another form is consumer to consumer where the transaction is done between two or more final consumers of a product. Traders in this kind of business must put much attention to the customers. The need of the customers should be met using the best possible way by employing proper and effective strategies.
Quality customer’s service is a fundamental strategy since customers are the pillars of an e-commerce. As the businesses are growing the customer service strategy should also be improved as well. Business should learn from the real experience that the customers are having and aim at delivering the excellent services consistently. the business should ensure the customers that it has does not go away. It is quite expensive to attract new customers than to retain the ones that the business already have.The business can achieve this by being in constant contact with is existing customers by informing them of any changes or any new products that the business has. Business should also ensure that it gathers information that is beneficial to customers such as the products colors that are mostly preferred by the customers.

Well sourced data makes the customers to feel that their interest is being catered for by the business. Assuring customers that their money will be refunded in case of the default is also a major factor to consider in building trust in the mind of customers in e-commerce business. Constant review of the business and the customer’s feedback should be done to ensure that they necessary changes are made towards improving the business. Quality services and the easily available good and services are key to maintain smooth transaction of business in e-commerce. more profits will be realized when quality is upheld.

For further reading/watching, please visit  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_business .


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